Let Me Buy You a Drink at CMC-South

Are you going to CMC-South? Me too! And I’d love to buy you a coffee or a beverage and learn with you. Keep reading.

I’ve been asking the following questions lately:

  • How do we grow as math teachers?
  • How can we get better growing the craft of math teaching?
  • How can we get better growing math classrooms of access and equity?

Maybe you have been wondering about the same things too?

I’m giving a talk at CMC-South and I would love to have you come. It’s at 8:30 on Friday at the Hilton, Plaza C. It’s Session 182.

Yup, you read that correctly: It’s the first session! And I am so excited to get your conference started on an inspired note. You’re going to leave my talk thinking about math teaching–thinking about EVERYTHING–differently. I’ve got some things to say about where we are going wrong in how we grow as math teachers and what we can do to get better at it.

I’m so confident that my talk and our time together will have such a positive and powerful impact on your conference experience that I’ll buy you a coffee or an adult beverage and listen to how it could’ve been better.

We got a deal? Sweet! See you 8:30 on Friday!

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