My First Interview About My New Book: The Imperfect and Unfinished Math Teacher

Natalie Conway (@AOENatalie) interviewed me on her amazing podcast Adventures in Online Education by @syspresents. A huge thank you to Natalie for supporting my work and for having the courage to be my first interviewer. I encourage you to follow her podcast. Even if you are in the classroom full-time and don’t teach online, her podcast has so much value for all of us.

Click here to listen to my interview on Spotify. You can also find a link on her podcast website.

I hope you continue the conversation with me here or on Twitter.

Interested in pre-ordering my book, The Imperfect and Unfinished Math Teacher: A Journey to Reclaim Our Professional Growth? Click here to order directly from Corwin Press’s website (preferred) or you can find the book on Amazon (less preferred, but still an option).

See you down the road my friends.

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