Seltzer Water

Act 1

Here are two options for purchasing seltzer water at Costco. 

Key Question:  Which option is the better buy?

(We can assume that the better buy is the most amount of seltzer water for the least amount of money.)

What additional information do you need to know?

Act 2

Here are the prices for each item and other additional information including the number of bottles/cans, the size of each bottle/can, and the CRV total which is 5¢ per bottle/can.  The CRV is the California Refund Value and represents the cost for recycling.  It may be difficult to see on the Perrier label.

California sales tax is NOT figured in to the final cost.

Act 3

This data assumes that the purchaser is not returning the bottles/cans to a recycling center and getting back the 5¢ CRV per container.  The numbers change slightly if you do not factor in the CRV in to the total price.

Sequel:  If you return all the containers and get your 5¢ CRV back on each container, does that affect your choice of the best buy?