Lesson Study Data

Is Lesson Study effective?


For example, I conducted over 25 lesson studies with teachers in Soledad Unified School District in 2016-2017.  I collected survey data from 41 (out of 45) teachers that went through the lesson study process.

They were asked how strongly they agree or disagree with the the following prompts.  These prompts are based on the lesson study outcomes listed above.  (A response of “5” represents “Strongly Agree.”)


Here is a link to written responses from teachers reflecting on ways they’ve incorporated their learning from lesson study into their daily instructional practices.

Bring Lesson Study to Your Site:

Provide rich and meaningful professional development to your teachers by offering them an opportunity to work with me during lesson studies.  Reach out by sending me an email to chase@undercovercalculus.com or fill out a contact form here.

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