I&U Episode 1: What makes you whole—and what divides you?

Welcome to the first episode of Imperfect and Unfinished: Stories for Reflection and Teacher Renewal.

I’m glad you’re here.

This summer, I’m inviting us to share our stories with each other as we take time to reflect together and rejuvenate. I hope these stories will help us feel more whole and more connected to the work we do so that we can enter the school year feeling energized, nourished, and optimistic. Because after the two years (and counting) we’ve had? Some of us are more than just stretched thin—we feel pulled apart and divided, or worse, defeated, burnt out, and ready to give up.

Wholeness and dividedness—and the relationship between the two—will be frequent themes in these stories.

In Episode 1, I share “The Rudy Story”—a story about a time when I was most conflicted, most divided as a teacher. Now it might seem odd to start this series with dividedness, but bear with me. I’m sharing this story because I believe that when we have the courage to lean in and examine the moments that divide us, we have the opportunity to see the pieces that really matter to us most. And it’s important that we do that from time to time—lean in and uncover what really nourishes us—because left unresolved, some dilemmas can wear us down to the bone.

Start the journey with us by watching the video above. (If you missed the Introduction video, you can find it here.)

Every episode of Imperfect and Unfinished has an invitation to reflect and a downloadable resource.

For Episode 1, you will be invited to think about “What makes you whole? And what dilemmas divide you?”

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See you down the road!


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