I&U Episode 2: Which of these 5 Passion Profiles describes you best?

Welcome to Episode 2 of my summer video series—Imperfect and Unfinished: Stories for Reflection and Teacher Renewal

I know that by the time summer rolls around, many of us are stretched thin—maybe even a bit divided and burnt out. I hope these stories will help us feel more whole so that we can enter the school year feeling energized, nourished, and optimistic.

Episode 1: What makes you whole—and what divides you?

Where we’ve been…

In Episode 1, I shared “The Rudy Story”—a story about a time when I was most conflicted, most divided as a teacher—because I believe that when we have the courage to lean in and examine the moments that divide us, we have the opportunity to see the pieces that really matter to us most. And it’s important that we do because left unresolved, some dilemmas can wear us down to the bone.

Where we’re going…

In Episode 2, we will focus on our professional identities and uncover more about the passion that drives us as imperfect and unfinished teachers.

I’m inviting you to listen to (or read) five “Passion Profiles.” The language in these “Passion Profiles” is intended to help you create some perspective on your professional identity and your vision of equity—your vision of the ideal classroom you are trying to create for your students. These Profiles are meant to spark conversations with each other so we can celebrate what makes us unique and appreciate what we have in common as colleagues.

Find out more by watching the video above or enter your email address below and download this entire activity for free! (This activity borrows from the work of Pedro Bermudez, Belkis Cabrera and Linda Emm. You can access their work here and here.)

Share your story with us. Here’s how!

I hope the stories and activities in these videos help us create communities of belonging and grace—the type of relationships we need as imperfect and unfinished teachers. And I’m inviting you to share your story with us and the people you work with.

  • Reach out to a colleague. Send them a link to Episode 1. Tell them what your experience has been like and invite them on the journey with us.
  • Share your experience with us in the comments section of this blog post. And perhaps take a moment to reply to a comment that’s been written.
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Download the “Passion Profile Activity” for free!

Enter your email address and receive access to a downloadable PDF of these Passion Profiles and the reflection questions. You’ll also receive access to all future resources as they are released.

See you down the road!


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  1. Hi Chase!
    I filled out that form a couple of times and haven’t yet received the passion profiles. Is anyone else having trouble?

    • Hi Jessica! Thanks for your note. The form on the Ep2 blog post should take you to a Google Drive folder that contains all the reflection activities for all the episodes. Is that not happening? I checked and it seems to work. If that’s not happening, can you send me an email? chase@undercovercalculus.com. Cheers! co


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